“Hilarious and funny and also humorous”

Just enjoyed listening to the latest episode which is currently PodGuy channeling his inner Dice, James and Jinx get it on. I have to say, they are very charming and witty. Their take on different craft beers and liquor is more enlightened than most. There are a lot of drinks to try and know their stuff, so you can get a leg up on a good time by benefiting from their experience.  They are very conversational in style and enjoy freely moving through topics in a relaxed way.  They do bring up some fun facts and entertaining games like you would at a relaxed cocktail party. They make you feel like you are having drinks at a good friend's house on a Friday night.  You are going to know right away that they are having a good time and that makes them an easy and relaxed listen, well also resulting in a good number of hilarious moments.  I would love to have a drink with them sometime and hang out. Give these awesome folks a shot and you will enjoy listening to the witty banter.


“Solid show with lots of chemistry!”

The amazing intro song strikes you as happy and relaxing, then the show starts and it carries the chill vibe with the in depth discussion and the host chemistry.  The work they put in the podcast is apparent and really drives for an amazing show.  If you haven't check it out, listen to this podcast! Great work!

—The Boondoggle Podcast.

“ Three Thumbs Up!”

Like two peas in a pod! Found this podcast through the wonderful world of Twitter.  If you are looking for a light, fun, every day back and forth charming conversation podcast, look no further!  Really enjoying it! Great quality! Fantastic voices!   Much love,

— Dan4e2u


“ Chemistry, Comedy and Crazy! Oh My!”

Hilarious improv between two excellent and engaging host on a variety of topics. From the first listen this show became a firm favorite. Subscribe, download, listen, laugh and repeat.

— AfterMovieDiner

“ So fun”

Not only do I just crack up listening to you guys, the Canadian accents make me swoon. Such a fun time with fun topics. I love your TGIF beer wars!! I just want to sit and drink with you since I feel like I am already in the room.  Will be putting this awesome podcast in my regular rotation. White rabbits and lava lamps forever!!. 

— Jenn YouDon'tKnowIsh

“Beer! Movies! and Charm!”

This show has so much charm. The humor is organic and comes out of the chemistry between the host and guest....'

— Berzerkerguy


“Hilarious and great pacing”

This show really flies by and I find myself completely engaged the whole time. Listen to at least one episode and you'll be hooked!

— FantasyBaller9000

“A truly happy couple”

I'm a big fan of PodGuy and PodGal! They are a couple who play off of each other effortlessly and often hilariously....PodGuy and PodGal discuss their favorite beers, movies, pubs, stuff going on in their lives and beer.  Listening to The Pod Couple is like hanging out with your best friends at an after party.  The show is very relaxed. PodGuy, PodGal, and their guests are old buddies who crack each other up. We are lucky enough to listen in and laugh along.


“Such a cozy feeling”

Like you're cuddled up next to a fire listening to this lovely couple tell great stories.  

— Justintime JNT