Find out why everyone is throwing egg mcmuffins at space goat. Listen up seagulls! 

PodGal wants a flashy flask – does that not defeat the purpose.

A young PodGal leaves the zoo, hand in hand, with a stranger. 

Parlez Vous Francais? What not to say when getting lost.

Neighbourhood and vacation dogs, tequila and cigars. 


Odin Brewing's Galactic Space Dragon IPA vs Spinnakers Juice Monkey IPA with a bonus of - wait for it -  a RICE BEER, the Test Pattern IPA from Phillip's Brewing.


burt and the podcouple.jpg

The gang’s all together and in great spirits.  PodGuy is misbehaving and blaming it on that book that he didn’t read, Mark Manson’s ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. 

They move on to that time they encountered a giant stone penis and ended up gobbling up some goat cheese.

Space Goat talks weather and educates us on why we do it? This breaks into some role playing and analysis.

They talk Burt Reynolds and you’re in for a treat as Space Goat interprets how Burt really died. 

Space goat dazzles us with science: what’s better than a flying car and glowing sea creatures.

They wrap with picking who they would invite to a kegger. Who's your pick?

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Guests:Space Goat

Music:Vexento – Where We Belong and all of songs that go with the brews

pod couple chill lounge.jpg


Come and grab up a couch, You can take off your clothes, Go sit in that leather chair……and lick each toes

PodGuy asks a question and PodGal recalls the time she was an Orajel Junkie, and we learn about the gnaw and twist.

Space Goat Gets Radical with Geometry and chaos. Check this shit:

The Fractal – the Sierpinski Triangle Sierpinski GasketGeometry of Chaos  and minds are blown.

Edible Toys – how about a Gummy Bear Helmut. For a goat, this totally makes sense.

The New Do and The Uncomfortable Silence

The Pod Couple meets Tom Cruise (or did they?) and enjoy some Japanese cookies.

Pigfinden Goes Diggin for Pigs and tells The Pod Couple about his master plan, but they wonder, if he’s just high on the hog?

The perfect remedy for my sadness: Clutch

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Guests: Space Goat

Music: Vexento – Where We Belong and all of songs that go with the brews


Dave Peniuk is in da’ house & that equates to a very entertaining podcast. Dave talks about his full feature: Camp Death 3 in 2 D tongue, chocolate, toothpaste, filming a commercial with TJ Dillishaw, Mission Impossible 6 – Fall Out, the beauty of Low Expectations, shit going down and so much more.

There’s a fun fact about a records that Death Camp 3 in 2D! set out to break!

Bull’s Milk


ICYMI the first time around, check out the hilarious improvisational Bull’s Milk Segment!



The Pod Couple and special guest, Dave Peniuk, are hot off the viewing of The Meg – the summer science fiction thriller film that spans worlds!  Does The Meg outdo Bruce? Was casting Jason Statham as lead the right choice? Lots of fun discussion that you won’t want to miss.

Collage 2018-08-24 10_16_32.jpg

It's a double feature - Dougems is in da' house with some German (an IPA and a Dunkle).  We finish up with a a Howe Sound Brewing Family Feud when two IPAs go head to head:  Hazy Daze North East IPA and Hopraiser West Coast IPA.  Survey says........

spacegoat unleased.jpg

Space Goat has broken loose! Hang on to your gills! Armed with abacus, slide rule and trigonometry, Space Goat does a Take Two of The Immortal Pattern.

Mr. Quakers and his roommate drop in for a visit – a bit of advice – keep the Cap'n Crunch away and toss your labeller.  The duck and his roommate run out for a quick break (drinks me thinks) and the gang chats rectangular pupils, webbed feet and the duck’s corkscrew penis.

There’s more Elon Musk Love, talk of the soccer team trapped in the cave and the way of future commuting. Dinner in TO and home in time   for bed.

As always, when Space Goat is in da’ house, it’s a fun!  It's creative!

fun air.jpg

PodGal conquers an anxiety thanks to the Aviation Alphabet!

The Son of Crud comes over and PodGuy has an update – who will walk away with the win?

PodGuy’s in the zone as PodFriend starts a whisper campaign. All is going well until someone starts to bleed out!  Slice Me Nice, shooters, so much fun, Club Crazy, KFC and sucking on the keg.

Tequila, chants of ‘chug, chug, chug’ result in a precarious situation for PodGuy who ends up in a back alley with a deodorant stick. He ends up with a  life hack. #podguylifehack

Phoning It In With Harland Williams.  BBQ Eddy needs a break. #phoningitinwithharlandwilliams

return of the space goat 2.jpg

By popular demand, Space Goat joins The Pod Couple, and we are pumped! 

Pod Guy’s doing some Binging and ends up on The Pod Couple’s Facebook page. Check it out and listen along – it’s a happening place:

  • Weiner Water

  • The Incredibles – strobing evokes stroking

  • Can’t sleep? Check out the Bob Ross app – ‘we’re gonna have some fun, but don’t over do it’

  • What kind of bird would have nested in bob ross’ hair. Is that a frog in that pelican’s mouth?

  • There’s a dead mime in his bed

  • Dolly Parton, Netflix, Ranker, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene and, what is behind Dolly always wearing long sleeves?

Space Goat seems to have a segment: real life Iron man, the soul loop and over all massive love for Elon Musk - he is a super hero!

Buckle up as PodGuy relives a stressful drive to work involving a bike, a wipe out, a curb, and a bus driver! YIKES – first that PodGal has heard about it.  

Space Goat has some deep, deep, heavy, heavy fascinating philosophical stuff involving patterns which ties into Pink Floyd, bubbles and a laser.


Welcome to the Family Feud edition of TGIF Beer Wars. Guardian White IPA and Nocturnum Dark IPA, both from Strange Fellows Brewing out of Vancouver, BC, Canada are going head to head.  Who will emerge the victor? Listen in and find out as The Pod Couple and Super Taster Dougems sample Strange Fellow’s offerings.  CHEERs and Happy Friday!

Strange Fellows Brewing:

Need a new tie, a quality yet affordable tie?  Check out and use the promo code 'podcouple' to get free shipping.  We have ours and LOVE them.

Want a Pod Couple T-shirt? Check out our website and place an order. PodGal is a huge fan of the super soft ones! 

Have you checked out our Patreon? Come on! Give it a gander and leave us a tip! We appreciate it.


Podgal kicks off the show with an update on her latest outing where everything went splendidly right. Yay!

PodGuy likes inventing – what can we say. His newest idea seems a bit out there, what do you think?

And, speaking of questions, Hey, Late Night Drinkers, why are you drinking so late – get that new hashtag trending #podcastandchill!

A shout out to last week’s guest Space Goat!  We want him back on the show!  #bringback #spacegoat  

This leads to a discussion on Harry Potter on Broadway, the epic disaster of the Spiderman Play, the classic Spiderman cartoon and Italian Spiderman (check it out).

PodGuy wants to open up marketing to anything and everything and PodGal tries to shut it down. Naturally, this falls into epic marketer, KISS, discussion. 

Finally, we talk about the origin of the term Jumping the Shark.

And, in there somewhere, is the Phoning It in With Harland Williams.

space goat guest.jpg

Buckle up - very special guest, Space Goat (goat, goat, goat....), joins The Pod Couple on this extremely entertaining podcast.  If you’ve never met a Space Goat then you are in for a treat, and, well, if you have, you know that you are gonna' wanna' tune in!  Don't miss this one!

PodGal kicks off the show with some quick updates:

  • Lilies spoiling dinner

  • Prometheus – watch out for that clover

  • The Succulent Army

  • PodDog

Space Goat shares his origin story, and it’s all kinds of crazy fun.

Remember Truck Balls?  Well, PodGuy talks about the next best thing.

In preparation for an upcoming event, a rock, paper scissors challenge between Space Goat and PodGal takes place. One, Two….. 

PodGal talks about a special kind of paint party, and PodGuy brings up the big stink about Bob Ross’ hair.

Time  travel – is it really possible? Space Goat sets the scene and from there, the group speculates about where they would travel to and how not to mess up past events.

This morphs into chat about more jobs going to Mr. Roboto, flipping out over pumping your own gas, and a time travellin’ tourism.

They wrap with a recap of Coca Cola’s PlantMatter and King Spring.

I'm going to give KING SPRING his own line!!! He deserves it!

download (1).jpg

The Pod Couple sits down hot off the viewing of ‘A Quiet Place’.  Join in this entertaining podcast to hear about the movie experience, and reaction to the sold out showing of 'Book Club'.  

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Music:Vexento – Where We Belong

Want a Pod Couple T-shirt? Check out our website and place an order. PodGal is a huge fan of the super soft ones!


PodGuy goes from rocking the day to the day rocking him.  PodGuy has a tale from the past week and it's a doozy!

It’s that time of year again– road construction season – it’s shutting down the city but, boy, could she flag. Her flagging was fun! 

Saving pee for a good reason – PodGuys learns a life hack.

PodGuy’s downloaded an app and even plays a beat- Beat Maker Go  

PodGal talks about Porn Hub’s May 4th searches and IFL’s top ten most common passwords by pop culture and love/hate categories.

Amazon Alexa – come on! It’s not cool that you are eavesdropping, recording and sharing. Get a grip. Not cool

Hosts:PodGuy and PodGal

Music:Vexento – Where We Belong

Want a Pod Couple T-shirt? Check out our website and place an order. PodGal is a huge fan of the super soft ones!


Super Taster Dougems is back with The Pod Couple and they’re sampling a Stout and a Porter. They kick off the podcast with a Creekside Coffee Stout from Canuck Empire Brewing Company in Aldergrove, BC and a Dark Malt Porter from Wolf Brewing in Nanaimo, BC. 

Canuck Empire Brewing's Notes

Creekside Coffee Stout is winter in a bottle. This beer is black as night with a thick head of light brown foam. Aromas of coffee, chocolate, and a touch of smoke ignite your senses. Coffee and chocolate flavours mingle with the silky body and balanced hops to create a seriously drinkable beer. 


5.2% ABV 40 IBU’s

Wolf's Brewer's notes

Slick, suave, smooth: Our Dark Malt Porter is a seducer, overflowing with dark instincts.

Featuring notes of espresso and cocoa with a subtle, dry finish, the Porter is a favourite for customers, connoisseurs, beer reviewers and writers. Robustly rich, creamy and smooth, Porter pairs just as well with a steak dinner or a triple-chocolate cake.

Brewer’s notes (ABV: 6.04%, IBUs: 30, S.G.: 1.060, F.G.: 1.014)


Chace-Crawford-was-a-geek-05 (1).jpg

PodGuy’s called a genius and PodGal calls fowl.  

Weird Science – Australian Marsupials are literally sexing themselves onto the endangered list.  

Guess what’s breaking up the internet? Yanny or Laurel – listen up pod friends!  PodGal heard one thing while recording but heard the other name when listening back.

Doughnuts are the new cupcake and PodGal’s craving one. Yes Please!

Glitter, glitter, glitter!

PodGal meets the horseshoe playing version of The Dude!

PodGuy has a new hobby, and good thing since Prometheus the Gigantic Succulent needed some saving.

Lost in space podcouple.jpg

The Pod Couple sums up the week and it’s fight, fight, fight, putrid leaf water, and a horrifying discovery.

Shit goes down at the ferry terminal that leads to death.

The Pod Couple discusses upcoming segments that include:Weird Science, Pod Couple Heavy Petting and they Phoning It In With Harland Williams.

A discussion about ACDC leads to PodGuy to missing TNT Dinomite and Jonaas from The Crazy Town Podcast.

A HUGE shout out  for Live Stream for The Cure.  Please, check this worthwhile event. We are scheduled for May 19 at 6:00 pm PST.

Information about the event from the website:

‘This year, we're expanding the event from May 18th - 20th and doing 30 hours of livestream content to try to reach $5,000 and beyond. The schedule is as follows:
May 18th: 6:00 PM - 4:00 AM EST
May 19th: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM EST (and beyond)
May 20th: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

How to Watch:
We'll have content from dozens of amazing podcasters, fun stream games, prizes, and more!

Please visit the event page on Facebook for information on guests and programming. Follow us on Twitter for event updates and news. You can also get Livestream for the Cure merchandise in our Redbubble Store! 100% of all profits go to the goal ($6.50 per item). 

If you're not able to make the event, please make an early donation as you are able to help us toward the final goal. We hope you'll join us May 18th - 20th for a lot of amazing fun for this great cause and organization. Together, we can make a difference.’


PodGal witnesses a murder on the Princess Balcony – or was it a killing?   She then brings in some props: A stuffed animal aka Bun Bun and a vat of Vaseline. Show and Tell anyone? 

You won’t want to miss PodGuy’s tale about buying tires from a shop on a country road in a country town.  He grabs a seat and the adventure begins and raises questions about phone etiquette….click click click and what is more frustrating than no wifi?

PodGuy has a dream about freshly mined cinnamon buns, and he makes a shocking discovery.


Wait no longer – the movie review that you’ve been waiting for has arrived – no, not #Infinitywars – we are reviewing ‘Ready Player One’.

The Pod Couple is joined by actor, writer, producer Dave Peniuk and Paul Whittington who is a fanatic of ‘The Shining’ and author of ‘The Shining Explored’. Pod Paul has some insight into the scenes from 'The Shining' that you won't want to miss.

Our spoiler ridden, light hearted and fun discussion evokes laughter and tangents about retro Spiderman and how hot Chewbacca looks in the Solo trailer and PodGal wonders where the ET reference is.

brew brothers 1.jpg

Join The Pod Couple, with the help of Dougems, as they do something they’ve never done before – they’re drinking a case of beer. And, not just any case of beer, they’re drinking Parallel 49 Brewing’s Brews Brothers Vol. 4 which is the latest edition of an annual mixer pack of beers in collaboration with other craft breweries.  The theme is New Wave music.

If you love beer or even Duran Duran, Blondie or even Devo, check out this podcast - you're gonna love it - one way or the other. Be sure to check out PodGuy on Spotify, as he has the playlist up and ready to listen. The beers in the order of our reviews AND a promo from Drunk Discussions.

  • Hungry Like the Wolf Belgian Scotch Ale, brewed with Bad Tattoo

  • Spin Me Right Round Hoppy Rice Lager, brewed with Twin Sails

  • One Way or Another Blonde Sour, brewed with Riot

  • Promo for Drunk Discussions Podcast

  • Peace, Love and Understanding German Pilsner, brewed with Postmark

  • She Blinded Me with Science Black IPA, brewed with Faculty

  • Mad World West Coast IPA, brewed with Boombox

  • Whip It Grand Cru Imperial Belgian Wit, brewed with Mount Arrowsmith

  • Autobahn Smoked Helles, brewed with Gladstone

  • Eyes of a Stranger Dopplebock, brewed with R&B

  • Need You Tonight Coffee Imperial Stout, brewed with Parkside

  • Turning Japanese Belgian Witbier, brewed with Red Collar

  • Born Under Punches Barleywine, brewed with Super-flux

Mad has Risen.jpg

It’s The Pod Couple and wait for it – Super Taster – Dougems back at their mics.  PodGal kicks off the show apologizing for giving some bad deets on horse pee posture – she’s trying to keep that fake news real! 

The gang talks about their time on the disc golf field, spiritual moments walking amongst the trees, and sunlit shadows, and ‘stick fighting’ – you know, just like Morgan practices on The Walking Dead.

They then head into dodecahedron chat and the speaking of secret languages.

PodGuy rounds off the show with some pop culture news:  Ready, Player, One, Indiana Jones, It: Chapter 2 and have ya’ heard – Mad is Risen (come on – Easter just happened, forgive the grammar!)

Dougems throws in some Antique Roadshow round up involving smoking automatons.

the pod chi brian king 2.jpg

Actor and writer, Brian King, who plays Detective Wallace on Showtime’s The Chi, joins The Pod Couple in the Chill Lounge to chat about The Chi, his role as Detective Wallace, the power of the beard, playing the bad guy, influences and more!

There’s gushing over our love for the show, a Dr. Evil Rain Cheque (blame the cold), ‘Wings’, a life hack for memorization and some good ol’ chill vibes.

Check out Showtime and The Chi, and Brian King on Instagram @thesonofbozo


We kick off the show with our new Segment ‘Phoning it in with Harland Williams’. #drytongue

We continue with entertainment galore:  cow pies, bug skeletons, sucking the Corporate Teet, and did I mention feather dusters, and so much more. 

Listen and then take the challenge – will your email get through? Spam or Not?


Living in PJs and in serious training for the Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge, PodGal may have to ease up as she’s loosing her knack. PodGuy’s got a question about pre-boiling, is it as efficient as PodGal thinks it is? Let’s have a big ol’ hug in – you know, the Circle of Love – sounds good but could be dangerous.WARNING, Circle of Love could cause injury and possible death.

PodGuy coaxes PodGal into recounting her near death experience at the farm. 

PodGuy checks the mail and gets a very frightening letter, but things look up when he receives a welcomed package.

Promo for: I Shake My Head Podcast  

Mentions: to the NFG Radio, Radio Wastelands, and The Unscripted Promocast.


TGIF Beer Wars, great cans and a bonus (listen to the end) DOG wars. Super Taster Dougems is back at the mic, sipping on some suds and putting his taste buds to work on a selection of 3 IPAs. It’s fun, it’s hoppy and there’s even some beer foam reading and some tire biting impressions.  

Things you will hear:  Boozy, I went swimming in a slake once – I got the itch, Great cans, got a bit of a snap to it, beer foam reading, on a hot summer day, taking your growler for a walk, we could make some memories with that.

The Contenders:

Tire Biter from Bad Dog Brewing, Sooke, BC

Boss Juice from Moody Ales, Port Moody, BC

Vancouver Special IPA, East Vancouver Brewery, Vancouver, BC 


PodGuy is inspired by the world of sound. Enjoy this specially enhanced podcast. 

Will podcasting help The Pod Couple survive in a post apocalyptic world? Will they be able to podcast their way out of any situation? Will cray cray be their saviour? Challenge is on for the best apocalyptic shopping cart. Does yours have what it takes?

Experiencing a high school party as an adult, PodGuy's childhood bedroom has never had so much action, PodGuy plays the keyboard and the crowd gets ugly. 


PodGal’s training for a Rock, Paper Scissors challenge and Barfly interrupts the Property Assessment Appeal.

Drunken St. Patrick's recall and storytelling streets of the drunk. This leads to beach combing and street combing memories - next time we need video.

Ring bombs? What the Hell is a ring bomb? PodGuy's obsessed and losing sleep over it!

rick springfield podcast meme.jpg

PodGuy’s stalker strikes again but this time he seems happy about it. PodGal is still very concerned and feels she is witnessing cult like behaviour.

Shout out to the Nick and Vince Podcast. Along with Lindsay and Perry from The PodStuff Podcast and Hello Life Podcast, we guested and had such a blast.

Hey, did you know that PodGuy loves PodGuy. Sit down and prepare for some origin story that goes way back to his birth and his Rick Springfield fetish.

Concert memories: Rick Springfield, The Offspring and the Eels. Cruise anyone?

Let’s grab a 12 sided dice, roll and take on the trait……you shall be brazen for the day.

PodGal talks about the Vagina Mohawk, the merkin and then reads some past notes from a found notebook. 


Dougems joins The Pod Couple as they recount PodGal’s puking horror story, Father Dic Axe makes an alarming prediction for 2030 and has some startling stats to go with it.

The Pod Couple comes out…..

You know what PodGuy doesn’t care about? THE OSCARS.  The gang talks Oscars and movies including The Phantom Thread . 

They play a game of Belieber or Not and PodGuy rants about the updated handicapped logo.

If you are listening, we want to hear from you – send an email to 

Dave Bulls Milk 3.jpg

Hilarity ensues with Dave Peniuk as he talks about Celebrity Sightings including the Mile High Club, Crossing the Border Hacks, Humper Dogs, dreams coming true, being a winner, and yes bull’s milk!

All hopped up on warm bull’s milk – Dave Peniuk joins The Pod Couple to update us on his projects, playing crud and a Celebrity Sighting Game, they then get into HUMPER DOGS, frustrations, dreams becoming a reality and being a winner! 

(note all times are approximate!)

7:00 mins:  Crud Experience  - fun and frustrating. Overheard at the game: 'What a dick move',  'Someone dirtied themselves out', 'dirtied themselves on the bus', 'they dirtied themselves', 'she's dirty' 'serve me', 'hail to the king'.

13:27 mins:  Celebrity Sightings Play along.  

24:29 mins: Humper Dogs!  PodGal sees a video (link below)  and trauma surfaces. She's looking for help and has questions.  Whether its at a friends, on a trampoline or at a delphinium farm Humper Dogs are no laughing matter. Not cool. Have you ever 'owned' one.  Strategies on dealing with said

suck it pizza.jpg

Hail to the King, Tide Pizza Pods, and, say what - Pizza Bikinis (yum yum)!  Sounds like a good one!


  • It was hectic and hot working coat check at PM Trudeau’s event, a day to remember – I wonder how PodGal might commemorate.

  • Hail to the King – there’s a new Crud King in town.

Too soon? Tide Pizza Pods. And speaking of pizza, check out those pizza bikinis.

PodGuy goes Balls out for Valentine’s Day.

R2D2 finds a home with The Pod Couple but the young adoptee may not be happy when he finds out that things have not gone as expected. Hey R2, is that your arm?

Sharing fogged up sunglasses with a stranger, yellow sunglasses at a country bar, meeting a neighbour on a hike and having an awkward chat.

crazy town.jpg

We had an absolute blast with Jonaas and TNT Dino-Might from The Crazy Town Podcast.  Join us for a fun session filled with wit, laughter and entertainment.  Lots of topics covered - everything from tittynope and timbits to ‘would you date a rider’. 

hobby horse podcast.jpg

Joop it up folks, the Prime Minister is coming to town. Podgal is volunteering whilst PodGuy pickets. He’s got a question! 

Some podcast characters visit The Pod Couple in their dreams which leads to chat about turkey, basting, an unhealthy love for Thanksgiving, the CinemaRama, PodGuy left holding the bag and a life hack from PodGal.

Ever ridden a hobby horse? Well, PodGal has and fancies herself as quite the hobby horse equestrian. She’s thinking of training for a competition.

They wrap with updates on the King of Crud game, their Let’s Make Friends event.  


Mad Pooper Copy Cats, Naked Water Slide Update, a law breaking cab ride, PodGal’s green pee, going behind the curtain, shopping cart judgement, PodGuy’s hatred for white sauce and a creepy, high pressure music trivia promoter are some of the topics in this lively podcast…..been a week!

We need you, our beloved listeners, to tell us what song you have heard so many times that it makes you cringe? PodGuy needs to know….he’s got a few beefs – songs and cereal boxes.


You're in for a harrowing and hilarious ride as PodGuy recounts his Christmas Day drive that leads to some 'MacGuyering' beyond belief, and despite the conditions, ice hemmorhoids and all, he keeps it together and gets home safely. In retelling the tale he coins a new word, and perhaps it was on that very drive that a new catch phrase was born - Bingo Bongo - it's a Christmas Miracle. 

PodGuy Got More Mail - first it was worry dolls and a mysterious letter. There's more and it's even concerning.  

Ever thought about doing some naked water sliding?  Maybe that will take the edge off - a group in Calgary has rented out the Water Park

beer wars stouts.jpg

The Pod Couple and Dougems band together to try some amazing chocolate milk stouts in the Beer War's Podcast. Spinnakers Chocoholic Chocolate Milk Stout goes up against Wolf Brewing's JinglePot #2 Chocolate and Quince Milk Stout.

Spinnakers says it well 'There is more to the relationship between chocolate and beer than tastes and indulgences both being prehistoric from an ancient past. It is impossible to know which came first but here we present these two fermented foods in a modern relationship designed to last until the last drop.'

May the best beer win. Cheers.

The Haunted The Pod Couple and friends Paul Whittington and Jeff Carpenter embark on a Ghost Hunt at the historical Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island. Will they have an encounter? Watch the fun video to find out.



The Pod Couple and friends embark on a Ghost Hunt at the historical Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island, but before they go searching, they sit down with Lois Taylor who has been associated with The Inn for over twenty years Lois talks about The Inn’s haunted history. Stay tuned for a follow up video of the quest  

A huge shout out to Heriot Bay Inn and beautiful Quadra Island….we look forward to heading back!


Join The Pod Couple and Dougems as they prepare for their trip to the Heriot Bay Inn to do some ghost searching. At home, PodGal sees smoke billowing from a street across the way and wonders when/if to call 911. Ever heard of Hubo, the Olympic Robot (or one of many Olympic robots)? One of them carries the torch, some are on cleaning detail - will they be happy with their assignments? 

As usual, there are some mysterious findings in the cul de sac - someone's gotten their chew on.

PodGuy receives some disturbing mail and is mystified about its origin.

We want to see your junk – we posted a pic of our junk - drawer that is!

the last jedi 2.jpg

Join The Pod Couple and very special guest, Dave Penuik, for a spoiler laden review of The Last Jedi.  The analysis is heart felt, filled with insights, laughs, struggles with creature names(it’s porgs not progs!), learning that milk was a good choice (for the inside joke you should check out the Bull’s Milk episode – link below), chubby Yoda, force exhaustion, snookie, buying time, red salt, hand reaching, and Kylo Ren’s Shirtless Scene.

For the inside reference re: the lactating creature, listen to past episode:

Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Guests: Dave Peniuk


Dougems joins The Pod Couple for an improvisational podcast with lots of laughter. They kick off the show recalling a Saturday that started off with a breakfast flight and ended at the casino.

PodGal happens upon a Pay Phone - and boy, does the group have plans for that pay phone! Brrrring.  


Have you checked out PodGuy's Musical Experience - if not, DO IT!  It's a few episodes back!

The City has a contest to name their new garbage trucks - you thought Boaty McBoat Face was bad? Well, listen in, as a mom, PodGal is offended.

Dougems talks  about his suit that has afull length zip, Shania Twain, The Grey Cup and The Oriental Express.

PodGal has a call of action for listeners to check out The Pod Couple Facebook page to see a video of a very cute bat. It’s a Fruit Bat/A Flying Fox that is taking the internet by storm. The group chats about it which leads to more chat about grubs, racoons and earthworms. Do you save the worms? 

PodGal has an update on PodGuy's ongoing Rolaids saga - want some?  

Coming up: Who Ya’ Gonna Call?  The Pod Couple.  On Dec. 13 – a The Pod Couple, Pod Paul and Jeff Carpenter are taking a  trip to an alleged haunted Inn on Quadra Island. They're spending the night in 3 very haunted rooms and will be podcasting before and after.


PodGuy is on the mend and Thank God for that cuz he has a lot to deal with: clogged drains, Scaby Scab Hag,strange mail deliveries (worrisome really), freckling, Bored Panda and More. Ding Dong! What’s that? Dare they answer? PodGal does and PodGuy needs to come up with some shenanigans to save her – since when do they answer the door anyway?! 

Join in the fun and maybe learn a thing or two! PodGuy even has a life hack and a story from his youth involving Powder Plumber, Candles, Smoke and fire!

PodGuy has a life hack: hot water, it’s hot water…..


After the threat of it being downgraded to a segment, PodGuy dug in his heals, turned the volume up to 11 and created this master piece for your ear pussies.

Spotify PlayList - PodGuy's Musical Experience 2:

Meatloaf - Wasted Youth - Meatloaf

Grace Mitchell - Kids Ain't Alright

Royal Republic – High Times

Royal Republic - Getting Along

Royal Republic - Baby

Puscifer – Momma Sed

66Saums - Taking a Dump

66Samus - America F*#k Yeah

KYUSS - Green Machine

Question of the week:  What song would you pick as your entrance song?



Dougems and his blazer are back, and you know what that means – the show is going to be AWESOME – give it up for the Power of the Blazer. Lots going on: taking a trip to Mars, hiking the moon, Apes Vs the Rose Bowl, tap dancing babies, being a baby in University, exploding lungs, a man, a lawn chair, helium and some colorful balloons – and no it’s not UP!, hot rods, slim jims, Rolaids, ravens and the tower of London, spoiler etiquette, road trips, and an a long solved mystery re: PodGal’s awesome bladder control. 


TGIF Beer Wars A Stout and a Porter

Tofino Brewing Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter and an Off the Rail Brewing Into the Black Stout go head to head. The gang is back together and toasting another Friday and sampling some dark beer - tis the season. Cheers everyone!

Drinks:  Tofino Brewing - Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter

               Off the Rail Brewing - Into The Black Stout


Get your skinny bags, hold on tight and get ready for a ride with The Pod Couple. There’s been a lot going on. PodGuy’s been sick, it’s a triple whammy of canine of bodily fluids and a head with a total tilt – bobble head.

Nursing the damn dog, leaking wine and Halloween being cancelled in the Pod Couple house. That made them sad.

PodGuy’s distracted by the Beaver Moon and then launches his new The Beautiful People Segment.

Podgals’ unintentional meditation, a warrior hummingbird, national nachos day, a banned substance and a weird story about Amsterdam, crows and a machine.

We’re not sure what’s gotten into PodGal, she’s an optimist afterall, but she’s obsessing about the collapse of the world as we know it.

Promo for Getting Sports with Drunk. Give their podcast a listen.

PodGal’s pulled out a cream dispenser……it’s cute but probs very unnecessary, but seems to make her happy.

More nursing and more crows….OMG.

Upcoming trip to Victoria to see The Headstones (Hugh Dillon and Bif Naked) and a pub with over 40 beers on tap….woo hoo!

To wrap it up, PodGuy has a prediction about The Headstone's concert.


Learn some Zombie Apocalypse survival tips as The Pod Couple reads Ladybird Book's 'Zombie Apocalypse'. As you listen along, be sure to check out the Pod Couple's Instagram and SWIPE along to see the accompanying pictures.  Happy Halloween everyone!

Instagram @thepodcouple

A shout out to Dougems and Gamma Radio.


The Pod Couple kicks off the show with a snippet of a reading of The Zombie Apocalypse from Ladybird Books. What will it look like after the end of the world - Swipe Now Swipe for some good times. 

The Pod Couple attended Shanon Sinn’s Book Reading/Launch for ‘The Haunting of Vancouver Island’ and PodGuy's 'OCDC' looms large causing him to focus in and question some spooky decorations.

What Would Ya’ Do?

  • PodGal has a real life situation and needs some advice.

  • PodGuy follows up with a Halloween themed what would you do. The horror fans might like this, PodGal didn't.

PodGal gets a real appreciation of the perils of going deep, deep undercover. She recalls the time that she was almost asphyxiated by a duvet, a big duvet – not the ‘lil one!.  

After the reading of 'The Haunting of Vancouver Island' The Pod Couple A Ghost Walk at a Village by the Sea.  Going in they encounter deep, dark ditches and are feeling vulnerable and very unprepared. 

PodGuy wraps with a final question to the listeners: What Movie Bar would you hang out at?


Prost! It’s a Harvest Sampler pack from Mill Street Brewing which includes an Oktoberfest style lager, an IPA and a Pumpkin Ale. Join The Pod Couple and Dougems as they sample from the pack.

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Hosts: PodGuy and PodGal

Drinks: Mill Street Brewing Autumn Harvest Sampler

  • Oktoberfest Beer

  • Tankenstein IPA

  • Nightmare On Mill Street Pumpkin Ale

Guests: Dougems


  • Sucking the hind tit

  • Power of the Blazer

  • Autumne


A Dark and Dank Podcast brought to you Pod Couple style. Although the theme is dark, dank and grim, The Pod Couple and Dougems can’t help but bring merriment to the occasion.

There’s  whole lotta’ fake goin’ on and Pod Guy is NOT liking it - not one bit.  On a happier note, he's hoping to get us to hop on to the Blue Oyster Cult (BOC) bus. But Beware The Experience!

Podgal wants to hang out in a dark and dank bar – although she seems to be in denial.

Feathers, feathers, feathers, dances, and wishing for a Feather Bar and a Plume Jacket (PodGuy style!). 

Blue Oyster Cult (BOC) is the shamalamadingdong of music! Ya’ gotta hear this!

We sa so sick of the Jar Jar Binks character in every damn movie……

The Hariot Bay Inn – we’re coming!  I hope that we don’t chicken out! 

Jamie Lee Curtis – way too lucky for way too long

Shout outs to Sony, Netflix and Amazon and....wait for about some Frankfurt Green Sauce.



PodGuy's loving the sound of himself, ends up disrobing whilst PodGal remains in shock after her Steam Punk Glitter glasses took a fall and broke. PodGuy still has her under his spell after he 'Jooped it up'. They talk cheques, beers before Noon, Daytime TV, Archie and his 6 pack, showering in the dark - on Friday the 13th no less, the responsibility of sitting in the Exit Row, and much more.


Ahoy dear listeners!  As autumn looms large, The Pod Couple makes the decision to move from light to heavy 'tic'. Sounds gross, but really, it isn't, it's quite delightful actually! However, the Pod Couple is having trouble adjusting to the change, and there's a lot of pop in and pop out going on!

Do you like dog kisses?  Someone does.  Oh but that PodDog breath - sheesh, that's gotta' go! The scent of Fresh Out House has never been in.

Move over cleavage and hello brows! PodGal gives an update on a new trend and PodGuy isn't happy.

PodGuy asks for an update on the Mind Twerking.

Pumpkin Carving Challenge – PodGuy is pretty damn cocky and controversy abounds! Oct. 20 – pumpkins to be revealed.

Cul de sac update- fears of aggressive cougars, broken bicycles and more!! Just when does Neighborhood Watch go too far?

PodGal does some Day Trippin’.  She brings back some Soap on a Rope and PodGuy has questions! An afterthought -Why is soap spelled soap and rope not spelt roap?

Final shout out to Dave Navaro – check out his movie ‘Mourning Son’.

Shout Outs: Ink Master, Dave Navaro and his amazing life directing, Critical Thinking Podcast and props to Geek Life Crisis AND to all of the wonderful listeners.


Join Dougems and The Pod Couple for the second annual TGIF Pumpkin Beer Wars.....who will win the battle of the pumpkin beers? Grab an ale of your own and listen in to see who will be the winner of the 2017 pumpkin spice beer wars.

Dougems spins The Wheel of Misfortune. Where will it land, what will his fortune say?



Jeff Carpenter and PodPaul join The Pod Couple for an entertaining discussion about Blade Runner 2049, the happenings leading up to the film (just how do ya' handle the guy next to you binging on a buffet), tributes to the original film, replicants, electric sheep, film noir, Harrison's old man jeans and much more. Oh yeah, and Ryan Gosling AND Jared Leto! It's fun!


shanon sinn.jpg

Shanon Sinn joins The Pod Couple and Jeff Carpenter for a mesmerizing conversation about his book, his research into hauntings, personal experiences and much more. Shanon uses a journalistic approach to research hauntings, folklore, and mythology. His book 'The Hauntings of Vancouver Island' is out on Oct. 10 and available for preorders right now!  The book will be available at Chapters, Indigo, Amazon and independent book stores. 

Shanon's can be found at: or or will redirect to the

Twitter: @shanonsinn

Instagram: @shanonsinn

Facebook: Shanon Sinn


Collage 2017-10-10 19_41_35.jpg

Wow, it's a bonus episode of shoutouts to some of  The Pod Couple's Instagram Family.  It's an eclectic bunch. Check out their feeds - there's something there for everyone.  Check out all of their stuff, u know, websites, merch, facebook, twitter AND, of course, Instagram feeds.  Happy listening everyone! 

In this episode, we're giving a shout out to:

Shanon Sinn - Shanon's blog and contact info can be found at He'll be talking about his upcoming book 'The Hauntings of Vancouver Island' on an upcoming podcast - super interesting guy.

Radio Wastelands - ever heard of  the game Beanboozled?


Critical Thinking

Piper Draws

Parkside Brewing

Kelly Lover of Horror

with special mentions to: The Fox and Hounds Pub and Brewery

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Shaggin wagon memories keep PodGuy's dream alive - AND he's even shared it with Harland Williams - you know, Rocket Man!

PodGal, forever a sigher, has taken it too a new level.

Neighborhood Update - PodGal finds a note and PodGuy is terrified – lettuce fetish leads people to believe that they are Jesus. On that note, would Jesus rock the man bun? And would he rock the shaggin' wagon?

Mad Pooper Still on the Loose

Star Trek Discovery – spoiler alert. Shout out to Geek Life Crisis for the reminder.


The Pod Couple is privileged to have Bobby Del Rio on the show. Bobby is an actor, writer, director who has been in the busy for over 20 years. Bobby is currently acting in the play 'Grab 'Em By The Pussy.  Bobby talks about other projects, the Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF), Tony Robbins UPW, fantasy sports and more!  

Bobby Del Rio's Info:Twitter: @bobman


In Real Life (IRL) The Series:

Grab 'Em By the Pussy:


Grab a bevy and join in the fun with The Pod Couple as they recap their latest week in adventures.  

They kick off the show with a shout out to Bobby Del Rio who was on the show which will be aired on Sept. 27, 2017. Be sure to check it out.

They then talk about their latest Day Trippin' Adventure - everything from going on a self guided SawMill Tour (McLean's Mill), thrift shops, a visit to the lovely Twin City Brewing and seeing what PodGuy thinks is an elven lady, a banana and a big ol' fur bone (allegedly).

PodGal reads from The Book of Kenny Rogers

PodGuy has a life hack so hopefully you won't have to buy your 2 by 4's with a pocket full of change.

The Pod Couple gives a shout out to their new sponsor: Dapper Ties. Use the promo code 'podcouple' for free shipping. 

And finally, a shout out for a speedy recovery Waffle Sunday Da.


Jeff Carpenter joins The Pod Couple right after seeing mother!

Not much description for this one - you're gonna have to listen. One of the group has some very strong feelings on this one!


The Pod Couple kicks off the show with some Aztec pinball, Yoda, mustang and garage story. What? Where did PodDog go?

Speaking of which, they provide an update on their senior, senior canine and the dog year to human year conversion. PodGuy has some insight which definitely wasn't on the chart at the vet's!

Another reading fro the Book of Kenny Rogers takes place, ohm.  Thanks Kenny's Instagram!

PodGal gives PodGuy's beard a big ol' tug and she likes it. They venture into some more beard talk and PodGuy's incessant mail box checking and an upcoming segment or periscope broadcast is born.  Grow it down not out she says.

They talk about their latest day trip when they visit Angel Bright Park and happen upon a winery and some sheep goats. 

Crazy Ass Dream Talk - PodGal has had a couple of  dreams and she's considered abt what completion of the trilogy will bring.

PodGuy has a question for podgal about the twerking in her mind. PodGal is working on her twerk and has had some sleepless nights. Help.


Whatever you do, don’t talk!

Shout outs:

  • To the Boondoggle Podcast - check them out wherever you find your podcasts. We loved the sitcom episode!

  • THANKS to everyone involved in the IT podcast Dave, Jeff and Paul. Turtles, penis, Metallica, a first during a podcast

A lot of Self Love going on. Be you, Eat the Dream.

PodGuy goes to Disneyland as an adult, takes a test and is shocked with the results.

PodGal has a question and is surprised with PodGuy’s answer.

PodGuy spices up the podcast with a confession about one of his collections and it involves Miss February

PodGuy goes through his vintage porn collection.

Do some Dice, PodGuy, come on! And guess what? He does!

Beard Oils

Another reading from ‘The Book of Kenny Rogers’.

The thought of the Kenny and Dolly tour, pumps up the Pod Couple’s imagination and desire to get tickets.

From Cart to Flat Bed - gonna be a challenge for PodGal.


Join The Pod Couple and a record number of guests:  Jeff Carpenter, Dave Peniuk and Paul Whittington, as they discuss and review the movie adaptation of Stephen King's novel IT.  They are a jovial bunch even after watching a horror film! Listen in!


it red balloon main4.jpg

On a day where the sun is bathed in smoke, The Pod Couple goes on a day trip filled with adventure.  They start off at Spider Lake Provincial Park where PodGal gets buzzed as her beloved dragon flies check her out, she makes a wish and a splash and off they head down a pure, uncut gravel road (complete with washboarding) to Horne Lake Provincial Park.  They then head towards home and stop in at the Coombs Country Market where they experience goats and balls on the roof, the perfect fit for PodGuy, voodoo dools and wind up toys.

They make it home, PodGal ends up sicker than a dog and abandons some family time and her beloved Ink Master.  Her dire situation, leads PodGuy to seek advice from the listeners – almost like a What Would You Do PodGal style. 

Throughout the day The Pod Couple reflects on how they were not tempted to look at the sun during the eclipse, but the sun in smoke is oh so tempting….check out Instagram pics – the sun morphed into a fireball at one point!

PodGuy picks up a magazine and reads some of the headlines andcomments on the contents.

Movie Fans, we are going to see IT on Friday with spoiler laden podcast out on Sunday.  Dave Peniuk, Jeff Peniuk and Paul Whittington will be joining us.  If you aren’t busy this weekend and are inclined to do so, go see IT so that you can listen in to the movie discussion early next week! Red Balloon anyone?  IT shenanigans in Pennsylvania inspire PodGuy. 


Crazy from the heat and in an attempt to escape it, the Pod Couple transforms their garage into a studio.  As The Pod Couple and Dougems get comfortable with their new surroundings, they take you for a bit of a tour.  And during that tour, you're going to learn a whole lot: 

  • so many hammers, yet so few nails

  • antique signs, phones (complete with a writing desk)

  • a souped up apocalypse ready shopping cart

PodGal then talks about a recent distracted driving incident that involves two fisting ice cream cones. The group goes on to talk about crazy distracted driving incidents that they've witnessed.

Podguy brings in a new segment: Tabloid Terrors and it comes with a price. His computer takes a hit as he's researching for his new segment on Most Hated Celebrities and Top Man Whores. PodGal's beloved Mac is being violated, so she, too, has to step in.

PodGal then describes a recent Vancouver Uber promotion that did not serve up well – riders are outraged. #ubericecream


Podgal's on edge, but reminiscing about the first date at PodGuy's house, the dinner before with her friend who had recently gone through a breakup, and playlists seems to take the edge off. 

Bedazzled balls anyone?

The memories of the first date at PodGuy's house reminds The Pod Couple about some strange events that occurred in the flower Garden - sparkly things were disappearing and then reappearing...was this the work of PodGuy messing with PodGal, vice versa, something more sinister or simply the tricks of one of PodGal's fav. creatures.

PodGal disappears in the bathroom at Newcastle Island and PodGuy becomes concerned. 

Back to Newcastle Island Adventured – bathroom misadventures, tilley hat reservations and seniors and icecream. 

Senior Seniors armed with icecream cones, wrinkles and tongues.

Edgar saves PodGuy’s sanity whilst waiting for the ferry. 

PodGuy reads from the Book of Kenny Rogers


Hunkered away in studio, escaping the heat and escaping the smoke filled air (BC Wildfires), PodGuy talks about Shark Week, Sharknado and big plans for Shark Week 2018.

DESTINY is pulling up on the left – prepare to pull over.

PodGal has a new go to when anything uneventful is goin’ down.

PodGuy has some sad news – Art on Fire.  So sad Shag.  (the paintings should always go onthe tit’s side of the building)

CRUD virgin comes over to join the gang for a game of CRUD and the kickoff mission to find Tony Shalhoub takes place. 

Dimming the lights and monkey butler concerns. If there's an ape invasion, the Pod Couple is F'd.

A very weird BBQ experience – should PodGal do the on trend vomit?

What if Colonel Akbar joined the BBQ

What would you do if you were asked to don a blindfold on the way to a business lunch?


The 'What do ya’ know about Yetis?' conversation leads the Pod Couple into a chat about The Island of Misfit Toys, Christmas TV, the lack of Christmas  at The Pod Couple's house, AND a proclamation for 2017 Xmas.

Netflix on the Beach, takin’ Netflix and Chill to a new level.

More CRUD love.  

Scratch those certain places with a vanilla stick

Tins of candies  Afternoon Dutch Delight – like tar, licorice tar

Hard Core Cooking – and Podguy has a challenge

Earth Worms – we don’t eat them; we save them.

They Pod Couple proclaims their love for their Vegas Shot glasses. 

New School Horror (syllables really do make a difference)

Bubble Therapy and adult camps.

The rights of the AI - be careful, you've seen those clamps!

Bubble Party, Internet issues and loose lips  PodGuy talks about a trip to WEM and a wonderful experience that he had at the Disney Store.  


Unwanted intruders with a twist or two. 

PodGal's Life Hack - grass, big fat juicy grubs and raccoons

Squirrels and spilled milk.

Cruise ship goes dark for 10 days to avoid pirates.  Looking for a member of the cruise come on the podcast

Amazon – the pod couple loves amazon.  Making dinner and out of an ingredient – call AMAZON.

Would love an update on Bubbles the chimp. We all wonder how he's doing.

Soft Soap stories, missed opportunities and a Flintstone’s jingle.

Dissenssion in the KISS army with the Generals

Paul Stanley Chris Corpse

RIP Glen Campbell

Alice is a good golfer – so, we’ve heard.

KISS Cow & Controversy, spilt milk, squirrels gone bad, big fat juicy grubs, lights out - evading pirates

Dougems watches some old movies, including Animal House.